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  • Visit our Return and Exchanges page for instructions on how to go about mailing us your items and ordering replacements.

  • Change Existing Order: Due to our manufacturing process, we cannot make changes to existing orders for any reason. If you want to add/remove items, changes sizes/colors, or change the shipping address it would need to be returned and reordered with new changes.

    Cancel Order: Orders can only be cancelled before they reach production. This can be done within minutes and up to one hour after order is made.

    If you would like to cancel an order, click here. As mentioned above, some orders can not be cancelled.

  • We do not guarantee shipping or arrival dates, provide expected delivery dates, or status updates except for the following details.

    All Orders have a manufacturing time which is generally 3-5 days in addition to shipping time. This may be longer around holidays or busy times of the year.

    Budget/Basic Shipping: Generally takes 7-10 total days to arrive. This estimate includes the 3-5 day manufacturing time.

    Expedited Shipping: Generally takes 1-2 days less time to arrive than Basic Shipping.

    International Shipping: Shipping time varies considerably from country to country. We can only provide rough estimates. Expect shipping to take 1-3 weeks. Possibly longer if there are customs/VAT issues.

    What is the status of my current order: You will receive a shipping confirmation via email a few hours after the order has shipped. The tracking code may take up to 24 hours to become active. This does not mean the code is invalid, but that you need to check again at a later time.

  • Sizing Help: We do not offer personal sizing advice or additional fit/style info beyond what is listed with each product.

    Size Chart: Click on the “Size Guide & General Info” on any product page.

  • I Need A Different Size: Visit our Returns & Exchanges page for instructions on how to go about mailing your items and ordering replacements.

    Physical Defect: If there is printing defects to the design of the shirt, please click here.

    Received Wrong Items: If the wrong items were shipped, please click here.

  • Customer Changed: You requested a change. We cannot edit orders, so we cancelled it and you will need to re-order with your necessary changes.

    Payment Declined:
    • Make sure your billing address is the same as what your bank has on file.
    • Make sure you’re not using VPN.proxy/public wifi
    • Make sure your shipping address is valid and not missing any details
    • If the shipping address is a P.O. Box, you may need to try using a non-P.O. Box shipping address.

    Fraud: You’re scoring very hight on a list of potential fraud marketers and future orders will most likely not go through until you take care of a few things. Do not re-order unless you have changed multiple things in the “payment declined” section above.

    Other: This could be for any number of reasons. Future orders will likely not be accepted.

  • If something is marked out of stock/sold out, then we do not offer that style/size/color combination or have an estimate for when if might be available in the future.

  • Expired Coupon: If a code is no longer valid, it will show an error in red text in your cart when you click “Apply”.

    Code Requirements: If the code seems to work in the cart but shows an error in checkout, then your order may not meet the requirements to use that specific coupon code. Read the details for each code to figure out what does or doesn’t qualify.

    Common Reasons:
    • Minimum purchase not met ($ amount or # of items)
    • Only 1 coupon can be used per order.
    • Order includes items which don’t apply to coupon code
    • Mis-typed or extra space at the beginning/end of coupon code
    • International orders
    • Coupon expired

    Apply Coupon to Prior Order: We CANNOT retroactively apply coupons/discounts to orders you’ve already submitted. If you have problems with a code, you need to look into it BEFORE submitting an order.

  • Alternate Email Accounts: You may have ordered using an email address that you haven’t checked yet. If you have any, check your alternate Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, ISP, or other business/personal email accounts.

    Junk/Spam Folder: Check your spam and junk folders. For Gmail, also check your “promotional” and “social” tabs.